Robes – A Perfect Gift For Bridesmaids

Weddings aren’t just a ceremony of domestic bliss. It is also a magical time to bond with your nearest and dearest ones before you walk aisle the married life. When its time of the wedding the to-do list of shopping is never ending, especially for the bride. 

As a bride, you’ve had countless things to be taken care of for the most special day of life. Right from selecting the gorgeous wedding dress to every small accessories and decor for the wedding place as well as the sitting chart. However, when it comes to bridesmaids the checklist continues; what will they wear to make your day extra special? Will they match or they will choose to mismatch? Will they wear shoes or Louboutin? The list continues… But with all this long checklist, there is one more item to consider: a beautiful robe. 

It’s a tradition for brides to gift to her bridesmaids at some point leading up the marriage and the best gift is undoubtedly the robes. Robes are something your bridesmaid will cherish even after your transition to the married life. They will make your “getting ready” phase extra special and memorable. It is obvious that when you’re getting ready you’ll have a candid pic or some planned photos with your bridesmaids. The robes will make a bridal party extra special. Even for the bride, robes are a perfect choice to wear while getting ready comparing huge loose button-down shirt or a zipper front sweat suit where you end up with the dress and makeup after getting flawlessly dressed.

There are many different patterns and styles of bridesmaid robes to choose from. With so many options there will be an immense confusion, so to make your work easy here are some tips on picking the perfect one based on your needs.

  1. Colour: Robes are something that bridesmaid will love to wear for many years after the wedding. So, when it comes to deciding the colour there are two factors to be considered: is the robe stylish and comfortable? another factor is, will it look amazing when posted on any social media? This sounds crazy, but who would not love to post amazing party photos on their Instagram or Facebook. You can also decide the colour based on the wedding colour theme if any. You can also draw season to decide the colour for example if its spring or summer wedding celebrate it with bright and eye-catching colours. For fall and winter wedding look for the natural colour. 
  2. Style and pattern: Not every robe is the same. There are so many different styles of robes with a different length such as floral robes, monogrammed robes, satin robes, lace robes, classic waffle, and so many other styles. If you wish to grab beautiful bridesmaid robes in Australia go visit Little White Couture. All these different styles can be categorised based on features like how elegant it is, is it soft and clumsy, or is it lightweight.  Robes also have a different length that is long and short. Depending on your needs and comfort zone you can choose the pattern. 
  3. Accessories: When you consider gifting your bridesmaid a set of the robe you can make the gift extra special by including some exquisite accessories like earrings or a bracelet. You can choose the same accessories for you bridesmaid which they will remember as a souvenir. Such gifts won’t just make a bond stronger and special only till the wedding day but bridesmaid can enjoy wearing them for many years and remember you every time they wear them.

Final thoughts

Make this once in life-time wedding event special with the perfect robes for the bridal party. But, also make sure you finalise your budget before planning the gifts for the bridesmaid so you don’t end up spoiling your mood thinking about other expenses. If you are planning to grab beautiful bridesmaid robes don’t miss to have a look at Little White Couture.

Check out Little White Couture, they have a wide exquisite collection of wedding accessories. Every accessory is their collection is handcrafted to give a unique and heartbreaking look to the bride and bridesmaids.

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