About Us

Our marketing approach is strong, consistent, and professional. Our staff members are all experienced in marketing and we prioritize each event to guarantee high visitor turnout.

Our team consists of creative experts who have a proven track record of successfully organizing events of all sizes, from large corporate events to intimate gatherings. We feel honored to collaborate with some of the top names in the wedding industry to bring bridal and wedding expos to life.

Our goal is to showcase the industry’s talent and bring together stands that will engage with couples and help them plan their special day. Wedding Expos Australia was established in 2005 and since then, we have grown to host 16 bridal expos annually across Australia. Over the years, we have seen a significant growth in both exhibitor numbers and attendee numbers.

We embrace all exhibitors, regardless of their style, from the hip and cool to the normal, academic, and old-fashioned. We believe in each wedding business and our role is to support its growth by showcasing it to the attendees couples. We are always happy to listen to ideas and offer support where we can.

Our events are open to both large corporations and small business owners. We understand that people from diverse backgrounds enjoy using their creative talents to build small businesses in various areas of the industry, such as cakes and invitations.

We strive to make exhibiting accessible to everyone by keeping our pricing competitive and accommodating all marketing budgets. We have seen many small start-ups grow into well-established brands in the wedding industry with our support.

Our values and beliefs revolve around providing community events that are free, fun, and relaxed, rather than charging high entry fees for profit. All of the bridal expos we coordinate are free for everyone to attend and we welcome families, children, and friends. We also provide brides and grooms with an exclusive “I’m Getting Married” bag.

Deborah Profile

Deborah – Marketing Director

Deborah Bilson is the founder and creator of Wedding Expos Australia. Since leaving the corporate world behind in 2004, Deborah decided it was time for a fresh, vibrant and trendy wedding expo to take to the scene. Over 15 years later, Wedding Expos Australia is now one of Australia’s largest and favourite bridal exhibition companies with wedding expos throughout most major cities. Deborah also is the founder of Wedding Expos Australia, The Food & Wine Festival, The National Wedding Directory, and Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo.

Joshua – Marketing

Joshua has been apart of the Wedding Expos Australia since 2014. Joshua is responsible for the strategic marketing, branding and creative direction of the company. Since Joshua joined the team, the company has seen a significant boost in visitor and exhibitor numbers with a greater overall increase in customer satisfaction. Joshua’s background is in social media management, creative direction, website design and event marketing.

Hazel – Client Operations Manager

Hazel brings an abundance of knowledge, skills and expertise to the team. Hazel is in charge of admin and operational tasks. Hazel really enjoys the work life balance that Wedding Expos Australia provides.

Ericka – Design & Production

Ericka provides amazing back-end support to the team. Ericka is in charge of Wedding Expos Visual Communication. Ericka loves the relationship with the colleagues and happy to be part of Wedding Expos Australia.

Mariel – Social Media Manager

Mariel is a skilled social media manager who can drive audience engagement, build a strong social media presence, and develop effective social media strategies. She has experience in creating and managing social media campaigns to help businesses meet their marketing goals. Mariel is also knowledgeable in social media trends, which can help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

On-Site Event Team

We are grateful to have on hand a large crew of experienced event staff from each state that join the expos. They meet and greet all the attendees and are there to support the exhibitors and attendees at each expo. 

Wedding Expos Australia Headquarters

Our Team travel to each state and have connections in across Australia. Our main headquarters are located  on the Central Coast of NSW in the seaside hamlet of Terrigal. 

Address: C024 6 Pine Tree Lane Terrigal NSW 2260