Our marketing campaigns are strong, consistent and professionally driven. Our team of staff are all derived from marketing backgrounds and we focus on each event to ensure that we have strong visitor numbers.

We are a team of creative minds who are experts in coordinating events from large corporates to smaller engagements. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with some of the best in the wedding industry each year in arranging bridal and wedding expos.

We aim to showcase the industry’s talent and magical minds in creating stands that couples will be able to engage with and ultimately assist in arranging their wedding day.Wedding Expos Australia was created in 2005 with the first bridal expo being in Bondi in early 2006, we have since grown to coordinate 16 bridal expos each year across Australia. These past years have seen a fantastic growth in the number of exhibitors as well as in the number of brides and grooms attending the expos.

We also welcome all types of exhibitors from the super hippy, ultra cool, normal, academic, daggy, young and old, there is no discrimination.

We do not interview clients to judge how “trendy” you may be as we believe in your business and our role is to support growing your business by showcasing it to the couples attending. We always have the time to bounce your ideas around and support where we can.

We welcome to our events both large corporate clients and the small business owner. We understand that there are many people from a variety of backgrounds who enjoying using their creative talents to build a small business in either cakes, invitations and other area of the industry.

We ensure that they are able to exhibit by keeping our pricing competitive and allowing all sizes of marketing budgets to attend. We have worked with a lot of small start up businesses that have blossomed to become well established brands in the wedding industry.

We also have strong values and beliefs in providing events to the Australian community that are not governed by high entry fees to profit though instead free, fun and relaxed community events.Every bridal expo we coordinate is free for everyone and we welcome children, family and friends to attend. We also provide brides and grooms with our exclusive I’m Getting Married Bag.

Deborah Profile

Deborah – CEO

Deborah is the founder and creator of Wedding Expos Australia. Since leaving the corporate world behind in 2004, Deborah decided it was time for a fresh, vibrant and trendy wedding expo to take to the scene. Over 15 years later, Wedding Expos Australia is now one of Australia’s largest and favourite bridal exhibition companies with wedding expos throughout most major cities. Deborah also is the founder of Wedding Expos Australia, The Food & Wine Festival, The National Wedding Directory, and Health, Wellness and Fitness Expo.

Joshua – Marketing

Joshua has been apart of the Wedding Expos Australia since 2014. Joshua is responsible for the strategic marketing, branding and creative direction of the company. Since Joshua joined the team, the company has seen a significant boost in visitor and exhibitor numbers with a greater overall increase in customer satisfaction. Joshua’s background is in social media management, creative direction, website design and event marketing.

Marge – Client Management

Marge provides the team with amazing support in admin related tasks and social media. A former jewellery artist turned Social Media savvy and a fur mom to two wonderful Jack Russell terriers.

Hazel – Client Operations Manager

Hazel brings an abundance of knowledge, skills and expertise to the team. Hazel is in charge of admin and operational tasks. Hazel really enjoys the work life balance that Wedding Expos Australia provides.

Ericka – Design & Production

Ericka provides amazing back-end support to the team. Ericka is in charge of Wedding Expos Visual Communication. Ericka loves the relationship with the colleagues and happy to be part of Wedding Expos Australia.