Tips to avoid pre-wedding fights

Couples tend to get into arguments or small fights before the wedding. It’s normal because wedding preparations usually include stress and pressure, physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course, financially. This is completely normal.

Moreover, according to a licensed psychologist, fighting before getting married is actually a good thing. Those who try to understand each other despite their differences and conflicts that arise in their relationships have a better chance of staying married.

It won’t even be a single fight; there will be a couple or a lot of it during your preparation. In line with this, we prepared some tips for you and your fiancé to lessen or avoid some pre-wedding fights.

Discuss your wedding budget

When expenses start to go over budget, it’s best to reevaluate your initial budget and other upcoming costs. If you can lower down some expenses, maybe remove the lesser important things, then you should. But should you and your partner decide to have an additional budget for some wedding items, go for it. Just remember that there is a reason why you have set a specific amount initially.

Talk to one another

As we all know, marriage is a union of two people who are ready to spend their lives together. And hopefully, till death do they part. For your marriage to work, communication is important. What else is the best way to practice this than before getting married?

During preparation, there may be times that you are too busy talking to suppliers or your guests that you forget to talk to your partner. You have to remember that preparation is done as a couple. So, set some quality time to chat and just be open with one another.

Avoid comparison

Referring to another wedding to base one aspect of your own is a good thing. However, wanting to copy it so bad that it affects your budget or your theme is another thing. Comparing what you have and what other people have will start to give you the feeling of discontentment. It’s much better to focus on your initial wedding plans and the memories that you will create with your fiancé while preparing for this special event.

Respect each other (and one another’s family)

There may come a time during wedding preparation when your partner or even you can be irritating. That may also be the case to each of your families. However annoyed you or your partner may be, respect will come a long way. Consider the suggestions and explain with respect why you can or can’t include those.

Relax and have fun

As we’ve mentioned, wedding preparation can include pressure and stress. Small or even big argument may arise. However, you have to remember that weddings should be a joyful event with you and your partner, together with friends and families. When it’s starting to get a bit rocky, tell your fiancé about it and say you want to relax for a bit before going back to the preparations.

If you have time, you should visit a wedding expo in Australia. It’s an excellent way to have fun yet work on your wedding checklist.

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