Don’t Forget to Do These Things Before Your Wedding

After planning for your wedding day to guarantee its success, it’s normal that you would stress out about missing out anything on a huge day.  From selecting the ideal venue to sending out invitations, you arranged the wedding staples. However, you may skip some important details right before the important event.

With this, here are some things that most brides tend to forget before their wedding day. Make sure you don’t forget them!


Because they tend to look at other bigger items, some couples put invitations in the last part of their list and sometimes forget it. Jot down a thorough checklist for you, your partner, and all the guests you want to go to your wedding. Mail it out weeks or even months before so that people would have the time to plan their schedules well.

Selecting another person in charge 

On the morning of your wedding, it’s essential to delegate someone to deal with any in the background errands for the day. This person needs to be in charge of obligations, for example, assisting the couple, dealing with guests or their gifts, moving decorative layouts from the service to the gathering or settling any other issues should they emerge. 

Cleaning engagement and wedding rings

On your big day, everyone’s eyes and your photographer’s lenses will be on your wedding bands. If you used your diamond engagement ring or wedding rings on an engagement photo shoot, it’s better to get them cleaned before your wedding. You want to make your rings look amazing in photos; thus make sure to contact your jeweller beforehand. Cleaning your rings by yourselves is also an option, but you have to ensure you do it the right way.

Something old, new, borrowed, and blue 

If you are doing the old custom of having something old, new, borrowed and blue, it tends to be anything but difficult to overlook which things to use until it’s late. Try not to be hesitant to solicit a relative or one from your bridesmaids to source these things for you – it will add a close to home touch to your day. 

Shoes to Dance throughout the Night

After all the wedding preparation, you and your partner need to dance the night away so have a comfortable pair of another pair of shoes (if the pair you have on the ceremony is not for dancing) to slip into when in the reception. That way, you can join your guests on the dancefloor, and you do not stay on the sidelines while everybody moves.

Touching up

Unless you have your makeup artist close by through the day, a finish up pack is fundamental. There will be a lot of happenings throughout the day, so it’s just normal that your make up will need retouching. Pack a couple of your preferred items so that you can look great from morning to night.

Reaching out to wedding vendors

Because of the pressure and excitement towards the big day, you may forget to contact your suppliers. You should send them a message, call them or better yet, meet them for last-minute briefing. There may be sudden changes, and you want them to know about it immediately.

Final thoughts

These are just some items that you should not forget before your wedding. But you have to go through your checklist again to ensure that you did not miss anything.

If you need help with finding suppliers, you can always go to The National Wedding Directory for the list of wedding vendors in Australia.

Good luck with your wedding preparation!

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