How to deal with your wedding suppliers

Most couples feel the actual pressure of wedding planning when it’s time to deal with suppliers. This can be from looking for the right ones to booking and discussing with them.


In line with this, you do not want a misunderstanding with your suppliers to occur, especially when it has an effect on your wedding. Thus, we compiled some ways on how to deal with them properly.

Finding the right suppliers

Make an effort to research for reviews or feedback about your potential suppliers. It’s important to know others’ experiences with them before deciding if you should or should not book them.

Where to find them

Are you still in the process of finding the suppliers for your dream wedding? Attending wedding expos or bridal fairs is a great way to meet different vendors in the wedding industry. Even better, you can ask them questions and get the answers you need right there and then.


Another way to find suppliers is by checking out an online wedding directory. This way, you can sort them by category. You get the flexibility to get their websites or email addresses right at your fingertips. When inquiring, ensure that you give out the essential details so that they can give you their rates and packages, depending on your need.

Your budget and their rates

The overall budget is crucial to any event, and it is the same when planning a wedding. When you look for suppliers, know the range of their costs beforehand. There may be information or some details online where you can base your budget from.


If their rates are above what you expect, try to negotiate with them. Maybe there are some items that you can let go of from a package or the number of hours they perform the service can be lessened. There is no harm in asking. If they do not offer that flexibility, then respect their decision and find another one.

Mind your manners

People tend to go berserk towards anything or anyone when put under pressure. Just because you paid the down payment (or even paid in full) does not give you the right to be rude to suppliers. After all, wedding vendors spent time and money in harnessing their skills; being more considerate to them does not cost anything.


Although they will play a huge part in your special day, you are not their only clients. If they are unable to respond immediately, be patient enough to wait for them. However, should you still not receive a reply after a day of your inquiry, you definitely should send a follow-up message.

Brief them

You finally booked all the suppliers you need! Congratulations! Now, review your checklist and talk to them in relation to your upcoming wedding.


A month or weeks before the wedding, couples should ask for another meeting to brief them again, a simple reminder of what to do and what not to do on the day of your wedding. It’s also an opportunity to discuss if they have further questions about the event.

Calm down and trust them


Remember: you hired your suppliers because you believe that they can deliver well. All the research, negotiation you did before booking them, and all the discussion and briefing after will be worth it. You just have to trust them.

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