Working on your guest list? Ask yourself these questions

Managing your guest list is one of the most challenging parts of wedding planning. You and your partner each have some people you want to be part of your big day. However, if you will invite everyone you met in your life, you might need a whole-week celebration to accommodate everyone.

To help you in deciding whom to invite, we have come up with some questions you need to ask when working on your guest list. Make sure to let your partner ask these, too.

What is our guest count?

Before anything else, you should have an ideal number of guests you want to base your invites from. This is easy if you already have your budget in mind and a target venue. For the venue, you can ask them how many people can fit so that you can also take note of it.

How do I know this person?

First things first, ask yourself what your connection to this person is. Is she a close relative or a friend to either you or your partner? Or is it your parents who want them to attend? It’s important to lay out all the details on a person you intend to invite to your wedding.

Do I enjoy this person’s company?

Even if you know them personally, inviting someone to your wedding comes down to the fact that you enjoy their companies. Can you go to a wedding expo with them and have fun? Or is it a distant relative whom you know and talk to rarely that you don’t feel like having them on your important day? Now you can answer that question easily.

Have I talked (in person/over the phone/online) to this person within the last 12 months?

Being close to someone does not mean that you see them in person all the time. You may have a best friend who is living in another country and willing to fly back for your big day or a close relative you don’t talk to all the time, but you want them to witness your wedding. Ask yourself when the last time you spoke to them was, how your relationship with them is, and decide if they will get a special place in your guest list.

Do our parents insist on this person to attend?

Couples usually have a hard time deciding on including their parents’ friends or colleagues on their guest list. Discuss with your partner about giving a certain number of guests for your parents, especially if they will help out in your wedding expenses.

Have I met this person before?

Make sure that you know these people you will put in your guest list. Coming from the previous question, you may want to know who these people your parents will invite before agreeing with them. You would not want to just meet them for the first time in your wedding, without any background about them.

Should you be thinking of giving some of your family or friends their plus-one’s, make sure that you met them before, and you really want them to attend.

If it’s a co-worker, do I hang out with this person outside work? Do I consider him/her a friend?

Unless you or your partner is comfortable with having colleagues at your wedding but not inviting everyone from your office, some experts advise against it. Inviting a co-worker depends on the level of your closeness. If you only talk to them within the office and you think you may not see them again after you part ways, then you should give those seats to others.

Final thoughts

These are only some questions out of other several ones that you should ask yourself before putting people’s names on your list. At the end of the day, a guest list should be filled with the names of the people you want to witness an important event in your life.

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