The VIP Ticket

Exclusive to Wedding Expos Australia

Upgrade your free ticket to our exclusive 'VIP' ticket for just $29

THE VIP TICKET includes:
• Fast-Tracked Entry
• Guaranteed IM GETTING MARRIED Bridal Bag
• VIP Lanyard and Badge
• Boho Round Beach Towel (Valued at $40)
• Sixty Secrets Hardcover Book by Alex Miles (Valued at $30)

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VIP Benefits

Fast-Tracked Entry: Skip the long cues into the expo with a VIP pass which allows you to walk to the front doors and express check-in. 

Being a VIP Ticket holder you also are guaranteed an I'M GETTING MARRIED Bag which are very limited to non-VIP ticket holders. 

VIP Ticket holders also will receive an exclusive lanyard and badge, large round boho beach towel and the Sixty Secrets To A Happy Bride book by Alex Miles. 

The Boho Towel

Every VIP Ticket holder receives a beautiful bohemian large round beach towel.

This round towel is a multi-purpose essential item which can be used on the beach as a towel, park as a picnic rug or festival as mat to relax on. 

The beautiful boho design makes it a must-have item for any bride to be. Exclusive to The VIP Ticket.

Sixty Secrets Book

The perfect book for any bride to be. Sixty Secrets For A Happy Bride highlights all the secrets, tips and knowledge in planning a perfect wedding.

This sold-out book has a retail price of $24.99 at leading book stores. This book can only be purchased as part of The VIP Ticket.

VIP Lanyard and Bag

Every VIP Ticket holder is guaranteed to receive our iconic IM GETTING MARRIED Bag.

In addition, every VIP Ticket holder is given an exclusive VIP lanyard and badge.

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The VIP Tickets are limited for each expo