Are there category limits?

Yes, each category have a strict limit to ensure the expos success. Though we do have a cancellation list for each event that we can book your business on if your category limit is full.

How Do I Apply?

Applications to exhibit at the events are via the website, there is an online form to fill in to gather your contact details. Following this once your booking is accepted we will email a booking confirmation to you and a tax invoice for payment.

Is There A Booking Deadline?

There is no booking deadline though all of the events will fully book, once this has occurred then we will not accept anymore bookings. We sometimes have last minute cancellations, please contact our team to confirm.

Can I Share A Stand?

No. We do encourage exhibitors to have their own space to ensure that the area is maximised for one brand presence, stand sharing will take away for your marketing area and branding.We also maintain competitive pricing to ensure that all types and sizes of businesses are able to book.

Is There Access To Power At My Stand?

Yes, however there is a $35 fee for each expo, requesting Power is available upon making a booking via our online booking form. All leads and power boards will need to be tag and tested prior to the event.

What Is Provided In The Stand Area?

There are three sizes of stands. The single stand space is 3m Length x 2m Depth spacing. We encourage exhibitors to design a creative and inspirational stand for the visitors.

The Facebook and website feature many photos of stands to help gain some concepts. The stand includes a table, chairs and a white table cloth.

The exhibitor fee also include a company listing on The National Wedding Directory. Public Liability Insurance for each exhibitor. We also run an extensive marketing campaign for each event including print media, social media, public relations.

How Many Weddings Cars Can We Display?

A single stand allows 2 wedding cars on display at the event. Dependent on the venue this will be inside or outside.

Can My Wedding Car Company Have Power Access At The Event?

Power access for cars and vehicles is not available. If you require power access for the expo you are welcome to provide your own generator or alternatively we can offer a stand inside the venue that will be required to be staffed and can have power access.

Do You Have Live Performers At The Events?

Musicians are welcome to book to exhibit at the expos. Though communication is a great tool in ensuring a successful event and the volume of the musicians playing needs to be at a volume suitable level to allow for conversation.

All live performers will need to ensure that the equipment and set up will be accommodated in a single stand of 3m Length x 3m Depth.  We do suggest to book a larger area as required.

Live performers will not be able to have speakers on stands, minimal amplification at all, acapella and acoustic instruments (Excluding drummers). This will ensure we provide an environment where exhibitors can converse easily, market their products and brand.

4 Live Musicians per event. 

Are Stand Numbers Provided To The Visitors Attending?

No, at the moment visitors won’t know how to find your stand based on stand numbers.

Do You Provide Power Boards And Cords?

Any powerboards and cords that exhibitors bring must be tagged and tested by a qualified electrician prior to the expo.

Is There Parking At The Venue For Exhibitors?

Parking is available at all venue, costs vary from venue to venue. Please see specific bump in details for further information.

Can Extra Be Added To My Booking After I Submit It?

Yes, most exhibitors tend to add The Visitors Database and The Im Getting Married Bag Promotion to their booking, this can be added at any time.

I'd Like To Book For Multiple Wedding Expos, Does The Online Form Allow This?

Yes, the form does allow for multi-bookings and also allows the user to book for the bridal bag promotion.

If you book for 2 or more expos in a calendar year then a 10% discount is provided.

Will We Need To Wear A High Visibility Vests For Bump In And Out?

Yes, for the safety of the patrons and to ensure the smooth running of the event we do recommend all exhibitors to wear a high visibility vest when in the loading areas.

How And When Do I Pay For My Stand?

A tax invoice will be emailed and payments are accepted via credit card, bank transfer or cheque. A deposit payment of $100 is due at the time of booking and final payment is due 1 month prior to the event date.

If payments are not received by the due date then stands will be cancelled.

Is There WiFi At The Expos?

Unfortunately, we do not provide WiFi at the venues and we encourage exhibitors to provide their own internet connection devices at the events.

When Is Bump In?

Bump in is on the Sunday between 7-10am. Bump out begins at 3pm. Please ensure you are committed to the event from 10am-3pm, exhibitors will not be able to leave until 3pm at the conclusion of the event.

How Do We Hang Signs Or Banners Up At Our Stand?

All of the venues do not allow any materials or any type of structure to be attached to the walls.
The stand does not have any walls, partitions or dividers.
We encourage the use of easels, frames or any free standing display will need to be used.
Our social media channels have an abundance of images from previous events to help gain inspiration, or visit the next expo.

Are There Food Outlets?

Yes, all events have access to a food and coffee facilities for exhibitors to purchase from.

When Does Exhibitors Bump In Begin?

Bump in for any of the events is on the day of the expo from 7am-10am. Bump out will begin at 3pm.

COVID Cancellation Policy

If a vendor is required to cancel their attendance due to COVID then the following steps will be taken. The deposit payment of $100 is withheld by Wedding Expos Australia. The balance paid is transferred to the next available expo date in the calendar year or a credit note is created. Funds are not transferable to another vendor.  This term applies until Friday 5pm prior to the expo date after this time all funds will be withheld. 

If you have questions about our Wedding Expos Australia events or anything that we can help with please email them directly to our team at