Manage your wedding stress by following these tips

After saying yes, your next step is to start planning for your wedding. As much as we want to tell you that it is all fun and exciting, wedding preparations can be stressful as well. There will be times that you’ll get confused and disappointed, and that’s normal.

However, you still have to remember why you’re preparing for one of the biggest events in your life. You can also control some of your stressors in this journey. And we’re here to help you out.

Here are some tips to help you manage your wedding stress:

First things first: do your research

Discuss with your other half what your ideal wedding would look like. You can start by looking for a theme, and researching the things you want to include. You can also create a mood board to compile all your wedding inspiration for your wedding. You can make a wedding mood board by:

  • Focusing on your theme
  • Deciding on words or phrases that describes your ideal wedding
  • Looking for colors that complement your theme
  • Putting together sample photos from other weddings

Then, talk about finances

Work on a budget whenever you start planning. You can do this by knowing what you and your partner can spend for your wedding. Set aside a specific amount that comes from each of your savings. If a family member or a friend also offers to help financially, then you can also include that in your budget.

You should also add a contingency budget for inevitable additional expenses. But you have to remember that your contingency budget is for “emergency” only. Define which items are considered emergency so that you won’t spend your budget for things that are not in your checklist.

List down the important items

Planning for your wedding can be overwhelming if you try to do everything at once. From making a decision to paying a certain supplier, a wedding checklist will make sure you do not forget the most and least important parts of your preparation. Everything you need to do will be in one list.

Being organised means that you want to, and can, take control of your time. That’s already one step ahead of wedding stress management!

Enjoy looking for suppliers by attending wedding events

Once you have your checklist ready, it’s time to look for suppliers. Attending wedding expos or bridal fairs is an enjoyable way to find wedding suppliers. It’s also a way for you and your partner to bond and do your research at the same time.

When you attend wedding expos, you can also meet other couples who you can talk to about wedding planning. Check out our wedding expo schedule this year.

Get help or recommendations AND CALM DOWN

You don’t need contain all the excitement and stress to yourselves. Your family and friends are always there to support you, it’s best to tell them that you need their help. Get their recommendations on their wedding ideas or suppliers. The entourage you have will also be a huge part of your support system, so you need to choose them well.  

Above all else, you need to take it easy and get plenty of rest before your wedding. When some things do not go exactly as planned, you have to calm down. Talk to your partner and find a way to relax. You need the energy for your big day. Good luck and best wishes!

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