For each expo in Australia vendors will receive a specific COVID19 Plan for each venue.
This will  help facilitate the changes.
We encourage everyone to be patient and kind while we implement the new restrictions.


A single stand of 2m x 2m is permitted 2 exhibitors.  A double stand is permitted 4 exhibitors maximum. All exhibitor names will need to be registered and checked at entry. 


All attendees book the FRE tickets for the bride, groom and friends via the link at each expo page using the event ticketing platform – Eventbrite. This is a free service. All attendees details are kept for 28 days following the exhibition for contract tracing if needed. Attendee groups are limited to 5 people in total per group. 

An event tally keeper will also track numbers with a people counter as an extra measure of safety to monitor visitor numbers. 


To ensure ratio numbers of exhibitors vs ticket sales are abided and the correct numbers of visitors and staff are in the venue.  All stands will need to be paid in full one month prior to the expo date.

Payments secure a booking to proceed to attend the event and allocate a stand area and staffing requirements for numbers. Payment is via online credit card or a bank transfer.


All visitors and vendors are required to stay at home if unwell and showing symptoms of cough, fever, sore throat. 

If you are feeling unwell please stay at home to avoid transmission. We do have several expos over the year that you will be able to attend.

Please also keep your stands areas clean and presentable at all times.

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