Health and Safety

Public Health and Safety is our number one priority at the WEA Expos. Here are some ways we ensure to keep everyone safe when exhibiting at the events. 

Masks are encouraged to be worn or if mandatory Health orders are in the place then masks are required. We encourage attendees to help Australia through these times and get vaccinated.



Record Keeping

All attendees book the Free tickets for the bride, groom and friends via the link at each expo page using the event ticketing platform – Eventbrite. This is a free service. All attendees details are kept for 28 days following the exhibition for contract tracing if needed. 

State QR codes for safe check-ins are also at every event.



Social Distancing 1.5m

All of our host venues are large and spacious to ensure to adhere to the 1.5 social distancing. COVID conditions of entry are displayed including requirements to stay away if unwell. We avoid congestion of people in specific areas where possible. Stands are positioned apart from one another and wide aisles are provided to ensure to obtain attendees can stay in there social bubble. 

Hygiene and Cleaning

We have adopted good hand hygiene practices. Hand sanitiser is located at key points around the venue. Bathrooms are stocked with hand soap, paper towels and hand dryers. 

Please also keep your stands areas clean and presentable at all times.

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