Your safety is our priority.

Safe events in Australia.


We need to make events SAFE for Everyone.

We are now looking at times where restrictions are being lifted though it is important that we still be aware and conscious of being safe while attending a Wedding Expos Australia event.

We are adopting new capped visitor numbers per event,  social distancing practices,  ensuring we have all visitors details prior to the expo, one hour maximum time limit per expo and a limit of 5 visitors per group. 

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How Can You Help as a Visitor to the Wedding Expos Australia events?

Well Being of Visitors

If you are feeling unwell please stay at home, this includes fever, cough, sore throat and or flu like symptoms. We have several expos each year and there will be other expos you will be able to attend. We also have an extensive online wedding directory we partner with The National Wedding Directory.

Physical Distancing

Each venue has a limit on the number of people allowed in the function space for the expo. Visitors will be able to attend the expo in the pre-booked allocated time slot allocated. All tickets to the events are pre-booked. We request NOT to book tickets if you are unable to attend or please cancel your tickets. 

Ticketing – 1 HOUR Visit

Please have your tickets on your phone ready to scan on entry with the guests details attending the event. We also ensure to check you out once leaving the expo. There are no ticket sales at the door or tickets are pre-booked. Visitor numbers are capped for one hour as the venue capacity. Each visitors will enjoy one hour at the expo. You are welcome to book for two sessions. Afternoons are always a quiter to attend. 

COVID-19 Safety Plan

The events team have developed a safety plan for the expos. This will assist in creating an event that provides peace of mind and a safe environment for visitors and vendors. Tickets will be capped at 5 adults per group to attend the expos to allow for everyone to meet and greet the vendors. You are welcome to book in two groups if you would like to book for 5 or more. 

Directional Marking

We ask that all visitors follow the directional marking on the ground when waiting to enter the expos and wait in the correct barrier area for your allocated time slot. We will try to avoid congestion at all entry points and keep people actively moving.

Hygiene & Cleaning

We encourage good hand hygiene and hand sanitizer will be available at the event for use. The venue will have cleaners available to ensure soap and hand towels are stocked. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Can I book for two or more sessions?

Yes!! If you need to stay longer then please ensure to book FREE tickets for each session, one session is one hour. The expo hours are from 10am – 3pm. Ticket bookings are via our website. 

Your peace of mind at the Wedding Expos Australia events is important to our team. 

Ensure to pre-book all tickets for all guests with contact information – 1 hour stay only.