Attending a wedding expo soon? Ask suppliers these 5 questions

Wedding expos showcase the works and the products or services offered by experts in the wedding industry. It’s an excellent way to source for suppliers as well as have fun looking for inspiration and information, together with meeting other soon-to-wed couples.

What’s more, wedding expos usually happen throughout the year. So whether you get engaged early or late this year, you can visit these events. However, before you go to any of our scheduled wedding expos in Australia this year, check out below some of the questions you should ask suppliers whom you will meet.

Questions to ask your suppliers

Is my wedding date still available?

This is the most crucial question to suppliers, although there are many couples who forget to ask this. Even if they have great packages and they are good at what they do, it won’t matter if they are unavailable on your wedding date. Unless this is the venue in which you may adjust according to its availability, your other suppliers should know immediately when your wedding will be held.

Can I see some of your works?

If it’s the first time you’ve seen a supplier (i.e., you haven’t checked their reviews online) in an expo, you should ask the supplier some of their previous works. If it’s a bridal car supplier, you can ask for a previous wedding they’ve handled. Moreover, if it’s a wedding planner, take note of their names and double check their reviews online apart from looking at what they show you.

How long have you been in the industry?

Although it’s not about the numbers, it would be good to know the supplier’s experience to manage your expectations. An experienced supplier still has its advantages.

What are the packages you offer?

When meeting suppliers in wedding expos, it’s best to ask for their packages in detail. The range of costs of suppliers in the same category can be the same, and it will differ with the inclusions. Make sure that you cover all you need to know whenever you enquire so that you can compare after. With this, you would know if a specific supplier is within your budget or is the right one for you.

Some suppliers include only their initial rate, so you have to know if there are other additional fees that you need to pay.  Also, ask for their payment terms so that you can budget your cash flow.

Are there available exclusive promos and discounts today?

Vendors in wedding expos usually have special promos or discounts. But even if the offer is too tempting, you have to ensure that this is the best option for you before committing to a vendor. What you can do is to research suppliers ahead of time.

There you have it. These are just some general questions you can ask any supplier. Before going to a bridal fair or a wedding expo, it is important that you take down notes of other queries you may have so that you won’t forget them when you’re actually there.
We’re excited to see you in one of our expos. Get a ticket now!

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