The '60 Secrets' Ticket

Sixty Secrets Secrets of a Happy Bride!

What is sixty secrets?

Sixty Secrets of a Happy Bride : Synopsis:
Once upon a time, a mysterious someone walked into a girl’s life. After apologising for their clumsiness, they discovered a shared love for the important things – like trawling YouTube for cat videos. The question was popped, and the reply was a big whopping YES! It’s a familiar tale, but what the storybooks don’t reveal are the headaches and heartaches that usually ensue.

the ticket:

We have an exclusive offer for 2019 only!

We have partnered up with the creators of the highly successful book  - 60 Secrets Secrets of a Happy Bride! 
The VIP Ticket is only $29!  The offer includes of a copy of the 60 Secrets to a Happy Bride, Guaranteed Getting Married Bag and a VIP Bridal Lanyard to wear at the expo to make you feel and look special! Plus a Indian Mandala Honeymoon Throw .
For any of the 2019 Expos across Australia you can secure a copy of the limited edition book - 60 Secrets of a Happy Bride and a VIP BRIDE Lanyard.
This can be purchased when you book tickets for any of the expos or at the event! 
Make sure you let the event team know that you have bought the VIP Ticket at entry to the event!
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